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We are at the end of October 2022, and our Patreon page has been active for almost four weeks. In this time we have made several short articles on Patreon, which we would like to summarize in the following:

Our first article is open for everyone, and presented the highest rated forwards in the German Bundesliga

The second article looked at the paper Sæbø and Hvattum (2015), and was posted for Patreon members only. It links to our YouTube-video about the paper, and contains a short text describing the work. Patreon-members can also download the complete paper directly.

The third article provided an updated list of the top 100 rated players in the world as of October 2022.

Next, an article was posted about the top 50 goalkeepers as of October 2022. This article is again open for everyone, not just members.

The same day we posted an article on the paper by Sæbø and Hvattum (2019). As for a previous article, it links to our YouTube-video about the same paper, and members can also directly access the paper itself.

In the next Patreon-post, we discussed the actual contents of the current data base used for plus-minus calculations. Patreon-members can download a complete list of all the competitions that are included in the data.

This was followed by an article on the top 50 players under the age of 21.

The eight article reported on the top 50 teams as of October 2022.

The penultimate article made in October 2022 considered league simulations, using plus-minus ratings to predict the outcome of the 2022/2023 English Premier League. As several of the other articles posted, this is free to read for everyone, including non-members.

In the tenth and final article, we started looking at plus-minus ratings for the Turkish Süper Lig.

The Patreon-community that we build is organic, and the contents posted is (at least to a large degree) influenced by the inputs provided by the Patreon-members. Based on the current level of support, we should be able to continue providing interesting rating lists and related information to both members and non-members.

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